Outdoor Table Tennis Tables

Within our outdoor table tennis section you’ll find the best and most popular table tennis brands on the market, including Cornilleau, Butterfly, Stiga and Sponeta.

For more than 20 years we've supplied tables backed up with first class customer service, unrivalled product knowledge and fast, free delivery. Our price promise guarantee ensures you'll get the best deal too!

There's a lot to consider such as cost, warranty, strength, durability, play quality, weatherproofing, ease of storing etc. However, choosing the right outdoor table tennis table need not be difficult. We’ve written ‘Pro Reviews’ explaining the pros and cons of each table, and in many cases the benefits of the next model up. Plus we're happy to spend time with you over the telephone to ensure you make the right choice. This information is invaluable when deciding which table tennis table best suits your needs.

We recommend a comfortable play area of about 17” x 11” which is easy to accommodate in most gardens, especially as the folded size is so much smaller. Many of the tables have anti-dazzle, matt surfaces, which greatly reduce or remove glare from overhead lights or the sun. Most have built-in leg levellers which help you achieve a flat playing surface.

If you would like some honest, impartial, expert advice, please call 01371 875000 or e-mail [email protected]. Our sales team have over 20 years experience, they are not pushy, recieve no commission, and will always recommend the table that best suits your needs and budget.

More information about outdoor table tennis tables - Let us explain why we feel that outdoor table tennis tables are such an excellent addition to any garden. Table tennis itself is a fantastic way of getting the whole family outside and active in the fresh air, and is great fun for people of all ages. There are very few other sports that allow grandparents to play with their grandkids in a fun, safe but competitive way.

Table tennis is highly aerobic, working both the upper and lower body as well as exercising your mind. It’s great for hand-eye coordination, reflexes and uses many areas of the brain as you track the ball, plan shots and make strategies. What makes outdoor table tennis so perfect for most gardens is that the tables fold away very neatly and take up very little space. The table top and undercarriage are also specially treated so an outdoor table tennis table will be able to live in your garden all year round. (We do however recommend using the table cover for your table when not in use as this will keep it clean, dry and free from birds mess etc.) There are several different ways in which table tennis tables are manufactured to make them weatherproof. The major brands we offer use three different methods. Understanding the differences can help you decide which outdoor table will best suit your needs.

Cornilleau Outdoor Table Tennis Tops are manufactured with resin tops. This means that the table top is fully waterproof and will not be affected by bad weather. Cornilleau tables have a lower centre of gravity than most brands, meaning that they’re less likely to be blown over in very windy weather conditions. They’re also safer for younger children, as they’re less likely to topple over if pulled on. The wheels on the outdoor Cornilleau tables are very big, so they’re much better than other brands for moving across gravel or rough ground. Some of the Cornilleau tables even have built-in safety systems when you unfold the table halves, making them incredibly popular with families, schools and leisure centres.

Butterfly Outdoor Table Tennis Table Tops are made from either a ply board that has been treated to make it weatherproof or a resin.

If after reading this information you’re still unsure as to which brand will be best suited to your needs please call us on 01371 875000.

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