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Table Tennis Robots

We have a huge selection of training robots that range from home use to club and professional standard. These table tennis robots are fantastic for improving your skill and technique. If you would like to talk to someone for some friendly, expert advice please call us on 01371875000.

Why buy a Robot? Watch Timo Boll's Table Tennis Nightmare by clicking here.

What does a Table Tennis robot do?

A table tennis robot is essentially a machine which simulates the shots you would recieve from a real-life opponent. On our most basic table tennis robots you have the ability to choose the speed of the shot and rate at which the robot fires the ball, while on our medium top top-end robots you also have control over the spin the robot places on the ball. All of our robots except for the practice partner 20 also come with a collection net as standard, which allows you to continue playing for as long as you want as the table tennis robot will automatically refill as it catches the balls.
How can a table tennis robot improve my table tennis game?
Table tennis robots are an invaluable tool if you want to get better at table tennis. As they are capable of producing the same shot to the same position with the same speed indefinitely, they allow you to practise a particular shot as many times as you wish, meaning you can master a specific stroke far more easily. Whether you're having trouble returning long topsin balls to the backhand, want to improve your forehand returns to slow, floating balls, or simply want a fun toy for the kids which can keep them busy for hours on end, all of our table tennis robots come with fully customisable settings which will allow you to improve at table tennis quickly, easily, while having fun.
They are also invaluable in helping improve your footwork and only by continuously playing the same strokes can you hope to master them at a competitive level, so if you're looking for a competition standard table tennis robot look no further than the practice partner 80 and practice partner 100, both of which can land the ball almost anywhere on the table with your exact mix of speed and spin. With our top-end table tennis robots you can also set the robot to fire a random sequence of challenging shots in quick succession, making them perfect for improving reaction speed and fitness, encouraging you to position your feet quickly and utilise a variety of muscles to keep up!


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