Table Tennis Bats

At we have a wide range of table tennis bats starting from basic, entry level to high level, competition bats. Our top end bats are the highest quality you can get from a pre-made bat. If you’d like any advice on which will suit your needs please call us on 01371 875000.

Advice from a Champion: Jean-Philippe Gatien has an exceptional record in the table tennis world.
World Champion, European Top 12 Winner, 13 times Champion of France to name but a few of his achievements. Here is what he has to say about choosing the right table tennis bat:
'The choice of a Table Tennis bat is an important step, the wrong bat can act as a brake on your progress. So it's important to select a combination of wood, sponge & covering, which is not too fast as compared with your technical capacity. To make your choice easier, Cornilleau have created balanced combinations of wood, sponge & covering suitable for every level of play. All you have to do is be as objective as possible and go for the table tennis bat which suits you best'.