We're Different - Here's Why...

Don’t Be Fooled!!

Some of our competitors splash banners over their products saying ‘sale’ or ‘prices slashed’. Please, don’t be fooled. They make up retail prices, often picking a number out the sky and doubling it. They then pretend to take 40, 50, 60% off in their amazing (imaginary) sale!

It’s all nonsense, designed to fool you. The truth is the price might be competitive, but the levels of discounts are often outright lies!

We give honest advice and prices. Our tables are very competitively priced and we offer a fast, pre-booked, two-man delivery service (on full size tables). We are confident we offer the best deal, with by far the best service, advice and after-sales care. We will match any advertised price for a like for like package.

During peak times we keep around TWO THOUSAND tables physically in stock in the UK.

As the UK’s largest independent table tennis supplier, we are one of the only companies who actually ‘stock’ tables. Most websites give the illusion they have them in stock, take your order and then have every table “drop-shipped” by the manufacturer. Whilst we sometimes use the manufacturer’s stock the majority of our orders are handled by our own staff.

In addition to our vast range of tables, we also stock a large number of spare parts.

We’ve spent years testing and comparing so you don’t have to.

Some companies have decided to offer every table from every manufacturer, regardless of the quality. This leads to a confusing range and makes it almost impossible for them to give good after-sales care and ensure availability of spare parts. You’re then left to sift through the pages and compare table after table.

In contrast we’ve chosen the best table manufacturers from the vast selection that’s offered on the market. We’re experts and have been supplying hundreds of schools, clubs and leisure centres, as well as tens of thousands of retail customers with quality products that are built to last since 1998. The tables we have selected are high quality range with models to suits every level. They’re competitively priced and backed up by excellent after-sales care and spare parts availability.

We physically stock more tables than any other retailer.

A few retailers stock one or two fast moving models, the vast majority stock no tables at all. They take your money then order for direct dispatch from the manufacturer. Having made no investment in either tables or spares they often disappear as quickly as they appeared.

We have literally hundreds of tables in stock, our stock!

Most of the tables we sell (all of our popular models) are physically stocked. We’re not using your money to buy the table from the manufacturer.

We’re a table tennis specialist.

We can’t sell you a trampoline, an exercise bike, treadmill or hot-tub, but as a table tennis specialist we’re good at what we do, table tennis tables.

We hope you’ll try us for your table needs.

We’re not alone.

We’re not trying to make you believe we’re the only good table tennis retailer. There are other honest, reliable and well-established suppliers out there. But be cautious, for every good one there’s ten that are not so good.

If you’d like to discuss any of our products or services please call us on 01371 875000 or e-mail [email protected]

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Here's Why We Are Your Best Option

  • Fast pre-booked delivery
  • High quality products, vast stock
  • No fake discounts, no gimmicks
  • Straightforward & honest advice
  • Delivery
    Best Delivery Options
    Fast & Free Delivery to most of the UK
  • Established 1998
    Established Over 20 Years
    That's 2 decades of happy customers!