Warranty Claims & Problems

ďPossible Problems and Temporary WorkaroundsĒ

PLEASE NOTE: A huge number of our tables (almost all Cornilleau, Kettler and Knight) have assembly videos on their product page which you will find incredibly useful when building the table.

Whilst any problem is very rare, these are the most common that can arise. These solutions are obviously temporary workarounds and we will of course sort any issues properly when we re-open.

  • Covers and bats/balls sets
    Please note that if your table was supposed to come with bats and balls (or for some outdoor models, bats, balls and a cover) these are usually in a separate box which is very small and sometimes overlooked by our customers. Please check carefully where the couriers left the table for this second (much smaller) package. The Knight X6 has the accessories packed inside the table box. If youíve had a good look and still canít locate them please see below:

    If you are missing bats and balls (they are not always included as standard so please check you order first) and you need to buy a couple from a local sports shop to tide you over (Sports Direct and Argos usually stock them) we would cover the first £12 you spend. If you have an outdoor table and the cover is missing (not all outdoor tables come with covers so please check your order if you think it is missing) please donít worry if the table gets wet. Outdoor tables are weatherproof and whilst it is best to cover the table it wonít hurt it if you donít. If you are worried we suggest buying a sheet of builderís plastic as a temporary fix.

  • If you are missing your net, as a temporary measure we would suggest either weaving string between the net posts (assuming you have those) or cutting a piece of card from the large box the table arrived in (a net is 6 inches high).
  • If you are unpacking a Cornilleau table and you canít find any parts (especially the legs) please take both table tops out and check behind both. We often get calls saying things are missing and they are usually found behind the other table top.
  • If you canít find the net pin on a Cornilleau table please look inside the post as it is usually already in it (even though it is shown separately on the parts list).
  • If you are missing any nuts, bolts, washers etc. and you can find them in a local hardware shop (B&Q and Screwfix are often good) please feel free to buy them and get a receipt and we will cover any reasonable costs incurred.
  • Itís not always perfectly clear how to attach the support strut from near the wheel to the underside of the table top. It often requires you to pull the table top towards you a little bit to make it line up. Please check the manual and refer to the video (if there is one) as it will make it much clearer.

If after reading the above you still have a problem, please use one of the following email address (see our opening times below):

During our open times please email: [email protected]

For out of hours help please email: [email protected]