Butterfly Garden Rollaway 5000 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Butterfly Garden Rollaway 5000 Outdoor Table Tennis Table
Why Us?
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Pro review

Value Rated 4.5
Strength Rated 4
Bounce Rated 3
Folding Rated 3.5
Weatherproofing Rated 5

The Butterfly Garden Rollaway 5000 Outdoor Table is part of Butterfly’s most up-to-date range. Its 5mm melamine anti-glare playing top provides excellent weatherproofing and a good quality bounce. It comes in two separate halves (each half has its own wheelbase) and is 95% pre-built. It's fast and simple to fold and the double locking system makes it extremely safe. There are eight large double wheels for easy transportation. The Butterfly Garden Rollaway 5000 Outdoor features playback, a galvanised steel frame and leg levellers on all four legs.

The table comes with a good quality clip net post set. The benefit of a clip net set is replacements will always be available (never discontinued and always competitively priced). Some manufacturers use permanent net sets that cannot be replaced with anything but the original. In contrast, this Butterfly table can accept any standard size clip net set meaning you won't be forced to buy an original set from the table manufacturer or be at their mercy if they decide to discontinue your table.

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What the package includes & delivery information

Delivery is free and is usually within 10 working days. As soon as we have your order we will contact you to discuss your delivery. Please call 01371 875000 if you require more information.

10-year table-top warranty (3 years on frame)

A net & post is supplied by Butterfly with this table. Some retailers claim they themselves supply this as a free accessory!

Table information (dimensions, materials, etc.)

Table size: 275cm long x 153cm wide x 77cm high (9' long x 5’ wide x 2’6” high)
Minimum play area: 5.1m long x 3.3m wide (17' long x 11' wide), guideline only
Storage size: 169cm high x 165cm wide x 80cm together or 70cm separately deep
Weight: 70kg
Packaged weight: 78kg

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 5mm anti-glare melamine playing surface
  • Leg levellers
  • Playback facility
  • 10-year table-top warranty (3 years on frame)
  • Wheel brakes
  • 8 x 7” double wheels
  • Double locking system
  • Table folds as two separate halves
  • Clip-on net and post set (included)
  • Galvanised steel frame and legs (20 x 30mm) with magenta corner pieces
  • Conforms to the Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1
  • Butterfly Garden Outdoor 5000 user manual, parts list and build instructions

  • Allow approx. 15 minutes for assembly before first use

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Butterfly Garden Rollaway 5000 Outdoor

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