View Indoor Tables in Price Order

Indoor Table Tennis Tables in Price Order - This section shows all of the indoor table tennis tables we supply, from each of the different brands. They tables have (mostly) been put in price order with the categories of Entry level, Mid-Range and Top End. You might notice that some of the tables seem not to follow price order exactly, and that is because while we have attempted to order them based on their price tag there are some tables that are over-priced and others that are extremely good value for money.

Within this section you’ll find smaller Junior tables, full sized and competition tables; so there really is something for everyone. The indoor tables are available in the most popular table tennis colours, blue, green and grey, and several have extra features such as safety folding systems, leg levellers and brakes.

Choosing an indoor table tennis table can be difficult as there are lots of things to consider, so if you would like further information about the tables please call our friendly, expert team on 01371 875000.

To see some of our indoor table tennis tables in action please scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see the tables being used in clubs, bars, schools and offices.