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Student Accommodation

Table Tennis in Student Accommodation.

Universities encourage students to participate in a variety of social events. Their goal is to create a community were the students feel safe, comfortable, included and can build friendships.

Finding activities that can appeal to such a diverse group of students can be difficult, but table tennis does just that.

Table Tennis is appealing to students because it can be enjoyed by people with little or no experience, at any level of fitness, at any time, in a group or just two.

It provides low impact cardiovascular exercise, is proven to increase cognitive brain function and is great fun.

Having a table tennis table in a common room of the halls of residence can be a great social catalyst.

Table Tennis Tables for student accommodation

Table Tennis Tournaments in the Student Union can bring different groups of students together.

Table tennis tables in the student union

Unite Students

Founded in 1991, Unite Students was the UKs first private provider of purpose-built student accommodation.
Weve had the pleasure of supplying their table tennis equipment since 2007.

Table tennis tables for Unite Students

Providing a quality Home for Success for students is our top priority, and the facilities available to our students are a part of that.
We have been very happy with the service and products we have received from

Tom Milsted. Unite Students

Table tennis tables for Unite Students