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2012 Ping 8 Cities - 450 Tables

When the "Ping" project needed advice..

arsenal table tennis

...they came to

We carefully advised them on the right tables to meet their unique needs. Over several months we liaised with Colette Hiller, Creative Director of Ping, and then introduced them to Cornilleau UK who helped them to see their plans through to fruition. This fantastic event is designed to bring table tennis to the people, completely free of charge. During the event anyone walking by can pick up a bat and play at any time, and at the end of the project, the tables will be donated to schools, youth centres and community centres, with an ongoing programme in place to encourage continued participation.

Jennie Price, Sport England's chief executive, said:
“Sport England’s job is to make sure everyone has the chance to play a sport that interests them, and sometimes that means taking the sport to the people, rather than the people to the sport. Table tennis has a very wide appeal, and I hope thousands of people will take advantage of these outdoor tables and will enjoy playing.”

Ping 2012

In 2012 "Ping" is appearing in 8 cities. Running from the 29th June to the 29th July there will be around 450 table tennis tables springing up across the most visible spaces including squares, landmarks, offices, train stations, community locations and even airports. All tables will be available for free impromptu use, alongside a varied programme of master classes, competitions and round the clock activity including:

  • Tournaments
  • Triathlons
  • Master Class Coaching Sessions
  • Fancy Dress Fun
  • King Ping
  • Ping to the Swing
  • Ping Picnic
  • Exhibitions

Equipment will be provided with each table, with bats bearing the request to: “Please put me back”. Local custodians such as shop keepers will look after the equipment. Ping! is being delivered through a unique partnership between Sing London, a participatory arts organization and the English Table Tennis Association (ETTA).

lovely policeman

Boris Johnson and Ping

Boris Johnson Table Tennis During the first Ping Project in 2010, the Mayor of London's appearance in Bermondsey Square was intended to highlight the opportunities available for Londoners to take part in sporting activities this summer, including tennis, football, cricket and rugby. The Mayor has been known as an enthusiastic advocate for table tennis since his infamous Beijing speech in 2008 when he declared to a bemused audience of Chinese officials that "ping pong is coming home". The table tennis table was provided by Ping London when they installed 100 tables across the city for all to enjoy. "Ping! is for everyone – those who love table tennis and those who didn't know they did," says Colette Hiller from Sing London. "A quick game of ping-pong en-route to work or over a lunchtime sandwich? What better way to put a smile on the face of Londoners!"

For more information visit the official Ping England homepage at