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Table tennis tables for the office or workplace

What are the benefits of having a table tennis table in your office?

More and more companies are purchasing tables for their staff. Here's why we think you should choose to invest in a table tennis table for your workplace!

  • Creating an opportunity for staff to mix socially will help to build moral within your company and table tennis is an inexpensive way of doing this
  • Having a table tennis table means that many people will choose to stay on-site during their lunch break and will therefore be on hand should they be needed
  • Table tennis is a very safe activity so there's very few health and safety concerns (unlike most other sport and leisure items)
  • You can enjoy table tennis even with very little actual skill, so virtually anyone can play
  • It is excellent for getting people active without the problem of sweating and needing to take a shower or change clothes
  • Up to four people can play Table Tennis at once, or one person can play using the playback facility, meaning that several people can be involved at once
  • For small companies or offices with limited space the table tennis table can also double up as a meeting table

We have categorized some of the table tennis tables that we feel would be ideal in an office environment. Click on the following links to see the tables we have recommended: