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The Differences Between Outdoor and Indoor Table Tennis Tables

Indoor tables vs Outdoor tables -

This page is dedicated to informing you how to decide if you need an indoor or an outdoor table and what ‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ actually means.

Indoor Tables -

  • A high quality, top-end indoor table tennis table can be purchased for around the same cost as a mid-range outdoor table, due to the cost of weatherproofing the outdoor tables. It can however be a false economy purchasing an indoor table if there’s any risk of it getting damp or being used in the direct sunlight
  • Indoor tables can however be damaged quickly if they are exposed to damp conditions or to high levels of heat and direct sunlight
  • The manufacturers state that indoor tables should be kept in a heated, insulated building to eliminate the risk of the table top warping. Therefore if your table is going to be kept in a garage it should ideally be an outdoor table
  • Table tennis requires a reasonably large playing area (approximately 17 x 11 feet) as a smaller area can hinder the players’ movements. You can get away with a little less space but we would recommend trying to aim for this as a comfortable play area. Please note that table tennis tables are incredibly difficult and expensive to transport so we highly recommend taking the time to measure out the play area if you’re not 100% sure that you have enough space otherwise it can end up costing you a fortune
  • Table tennis table covers do not make the table waterproof or weatherproof and should not be used an alternative to an outdoor table
  • The bounce (or play quality) of a top end indoor table cannot be replicated on an outdoor table. However, while the bounce is important, for most people at home who are playing for a bit of fun and exercise, this will never be an issue

Outdoor Tables -

  • All of the outdoor tables that we supply can be left out day and night in all weather conditions, including sun, rain, frost and snow. Some ‘outdoor’ tables on the market are not so weatherproof and so care should be taken when choosing the brand
  • Outdoor tables offer a huge amount of flexibility as they can be used inside and out
  • If you plan to store your table tennis table in a garage that is not completely dry or a conservatory that gets very hot or lacks shade then an outdoor table will be more suitable
  • Outdoor tables do not perform to the same standard as a top end indoor competition table, however the complete freedom with storage and usage does balance out the negative point for most people