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Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

Cornilleau Logo
Cornilleau have been manufacturing table tennis tables since 1969, and are now the world's leading table tennis table manufacturer; from hobby tables for recreational use to ITTF approved competition tables their fantastic range has set new standards.

All indoor tables have a 3 year warranty as standard whilst outdoor models enjoy a staggering '10 YEAR' guarantee. Cornilleau tables are designed, developed and manufactured in France. Remarkably the company is still based on the original site where Emile Cornilleau set up his post war carpentry business in 1946 (23 years before venturing into, and eventually dominating the table tennis business). Emile wouldn't recognise the ultra-modern facility that now standson the site of his original wooden workshop in Bonneuil-les-Eaux in the Picardy region of France.

Cornilleau products are sold in 75 countries within six continents. The first export location being Great Britain. Cornilleau are always striving to improve their products by keeping in mind future trends in table tennis as a sport, and pay particular attention to design, quality of play, safety and practicality. Their DSI safety folding system, compact design, anti-glare and skill top technology are some examples of this.

DSI Technology

The majority of the Cornilleau tables now automatically lock with built-in safety catches when the table halves are folded. Using four safety bolts, 8 locking points in both the playing and storage position, it’s the most safety-effective system on the market. That’s what makes Cornilleau such a popular brand among families, schools and sport and leisure centres.

Compact Technology

Cornilleau has a team of designers and researchers whose job is to develop ways to reduce the risks of accidents and ensure that their tables are as user friendly as possible. The compact technology that Cornilleau now use reduces the risk of the table tipping over when it’s in its folded position, a very important feature for families with young children. It also helps to avoid the possibility of a child getting caught between the plates while in the storage position, and facilitates the opening and closing of your table. The design also has the added bonus of making the tables shorter when folded, so they’re usually easy to store away.

Cornilleau Compact Technology

Mat Top Finish

The Mat Top finish gives you a better playing experience by reducing the glare from the sun or overhead lights. The full Mat Tops (models that have an M in the name) offer 10 times the anti-glare, while the Soft Mat Top (S models) give 3 times the anti-glare when compared to standard tops.

Cornilleau Tables with Soft Mat are:


Skil Top Technology

On some of the top end Cornilleau Competition Tables they’ve used a special treatment that offers a top quality surface that’s long lasting and stays looking great. The best part about the Skiltop finish is that it creates a better grip for the ball, giving you more spin. It also makes the game faster, as rather than the ball spinning on the table top before bouncing off, it hits the table and grips, bouncing away again much quicker.

How the Skil Top Technology is made:

  • 1- High Density 3-layer Wooden Chipboard
  • 2- Acrylic coating and sanding
  • 3- UV acrylic lacquer
  • 4- Polyurethane lacquer
  • 5- UV acrylic ink

Cornilleau tables with the Skiltop finish are:

Cornilleau Skiltop Finish

The History of Cornilleau

1946: Emile Cornilleau, a joiner by trade left Paris to offer his family a better quality of life. Emile decided to settle in Oise, northern France, where there was a significant demand for post-war reconstruction. He set up a workshop in Bonneuil-les-Eaux in an old agricultural building.
1969: The leisure market is booming, BHV Paris indirectly puts forward an offer to Cornilleau, making pink-pong tables. The company makes 3 prototype tables, which won BHV Paris over and they went on the order 300 for Christmas. It is challenging for the small joinery as they receive the order in May, they have to adapt to produce a large volume in a short period of time. Emile’s son Pierre convinces him to go for it. He invests all his savings on specialist tools and begins works. This is the crucial event which has led to Cornilleau becoming the well-known Table Tennis brand it is today.
1970: The small company becomes established as a public limited company, the original joinery business is stopped completely and replaced by the table tennis table business.
1981: Cornilleau had every intention of being a brand. Pierre Cornilleau had taken on the role of Director and invited the multiple French and European Champion 1976, Jacques Secretin to sign a partnership with the brand. Secretin brought expertise to the design on competition tables. The 420 table becomes the “420 Secretin”, this is the start of Cornilleau’s association with the sport’s champions.
1985: Cornilleau become the French market leader and look to expand to the European Market. The quality of products are increasingly reviewed in order to respond to the needs of the European Markets. 5 Tables became ITTF approved and the company participated in its first European trade show at ISPO (Munich) along with other European competitors.
1988: Cornilleau develop the concept of an outdoor table tennis table in solid laminate. The company later started to use advanced technology by investing in panel machining.
1992: Cornilleau appointed a sales director, Michael Zany whose job it was to bring a sales and marketing angle to the company and to develop export markets within the business.
1993: Olympic vice Champion in Barcelona, Jean Phillippe Gatien signed a contract with Cornilleau, 2 months later he became World Champion.
1995: Cornilleau develop a radical table folding concept “Compact Technology” which enabled them to take a new commercial status in the sports market.
1998: An Export sales manager is appointed with the ambition of becoming the European market leader.
2000: Cornilleau diversifies by creating a range of bats, balls and accessories in association with the champion Jean Phillippe Gatien, the aim of the launch was to increase visibility in the market.
2002: Cornilleau embarked on a rebrand and re-launched the company logo and packaging along with new communication media. A Cornilleau table is nominated for the Observeur Design Competition in Paris. At the same time the company carried out the re-engineering of its tables dramatically improving the safety and design.
2003: Cornilleau participated in the European Championships in Italy as an official tables sponsor and with a promotional exhibition stand at the World Championships in Paris Bercy.
2004: The rapidly growing company enters the American marker and participates in “The Supershow” in Orlando.
2005: Cornilleau and Michelin collaborate to produce the ‘Tacteo’, an innovative leisure bat made with a 100% polymer and elastomer base.
2006: Cornilleau moves further into new markets, continuing development in the United States, Russia and the Middle East.
2007: Cornilleau was the official sponsor of the World Team Cup in Germany, where the world’s best 8 teams go head to head.
2009: Cornilleau extends the brand’s influence at the highest level, they recruit a team of marketing and R and D specialists, integrating Jean-Phillippe Gatien into its marketing team at the same time. In 2010, Simon Gauzy joins Team Cornilleau, Hugo Calderano does the same two years later. The support of these young athletes in their quest for excellence lies at the heart of the company’s concerns.
2016: In his day, Pierre Cornilleau and his team developed some safe, functional innovations which were a cut above the rest in terms on technology. The latest range of outdoor Crossover tables launched in 2016, the Crossover range has enabled the tables to move easier over different terrains such as grass, gravel, stones. Cornilleau strive to improve their range and brand constantly.
2017: Cornilleau began working with Armor Lux and their bio-injection partner. They launched the first ‘green’ racket made from recycled material. The Softbat is ideal for training and educational use with a spaying surface to create some spin, but not too much. The ergonomic handle suits both children and adults. Cornilleau is the first in the market to really focus on Eco-friendly materials and creating a product which is not only ‘green’ but high quality.
2021: Cornilleau launch a new range of outdoor tables featuring the Cornilleau Sport 100X, Cornilleau Sport 200X, Cornilleau Sport 300X, Cornilleau Sport 400X plus the Cornilleau Performance 500X, Cornilleau Performance 600X and Cornilleau Performance 700X

Cornilleau’s Tacteo Bat Technology

Three years of research and development in a collaboration with Michelin were essential to create this range of composite weatherproof bats.

The idea of an outdoor bat was revolutionary when Cornilleau first came up with it, but between Cornilleau’s Table Tennis market knowledge and Michelin’s in rubber, they created a bat that has since been re-created by several other brands.

Because of the unique design and materials used for the Tacteo bat range they can be left outside without deterioration and they are extremely durable. They are not only built to last but have a playing performance equal to the combination of sponge and rubber used in the traditional table tennis bats.

They’re absolutely perfect for use at home, especially if you have kids, because the one-piece rubber design stops people from peeling off the rubbers (this is what usually ruins traditional bats). For this reason, and the fact that they’re also shock-resistant, they’re perfect for use in schools and leisure centres.

Tacteo Bat Durability

The Tacteo bat range has been specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions. It has protection against high and low temperature with a bat surface that can’t come unstuck, it’s shock resistant and has resistance to UV rays, insuring a long lasting colour.

Michelin experts devised an ADS (Air Driver System) concept which is a dynamic surface technology with cavities. The shape of the cavities and the high elasticity of the elastomer has been specifically designed to trap air within the cavities as the table tennis ball makes contact with the bat. The air captured in the cavities is compressed and then expelled to propel the table tennis ball and increase speed.

Comfort and Grip

The Tacteo table tennis bat gives a unique sensation due to its incomparable comfort. Cornilleau and Michelin have really focused on the ergonomics of the handle which provides a perfect hold reinforced by the addition of a tactile rubberised material which enables a better grip.

Eco bat range

This brand new bat range from Cornilleau is the world's first eco-design of table tennis bats. After several years of research and development working in conjunction with Armor Lux and their bio-injection partner, Cornilleau has launched the first 'green' racket that’s made from recycled materials. The Softbat is ideal for use in schools and at home as a training bat. The bats playing surface creates some spin but not so much that it makes the game harder for beginners. The round, ergonomic handle suits both children and adults, and the weatherproof design makes it perfect for all environments.

These bats are weather resistant, shock resistant and have a non-detachable covering.

  • Ultra-durable
  • Shock resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Softskin elastomer blade
  • Non-detachable covering
  • Ideal for beginners and training

Cornilleau Green Soft Bat