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Cornilleau Table Tennis Tables

Cornilleau table tennis information Cornilleau table tennis information
Cornilleau have been manufacturing table tennis tables since 1968 and is the one of the most popular brands for outdoor table tennis tables. Cornilleau manufacture tables for all levels - from hobby tables for recreational use up to ITTF approved competition tables. All Cornilleau tables benefit from long guarantees (though they are almost never needed).

Cornilleau Company Information and History

Cornilleau always strive to improve their products, paying particular attention to safety, quality of play, design and practicality. Thatís not forgetting the modern look that make Cornilleau tables so popular. The revolutionary design of Cornilleau table tennis tables have set extremely high standards for other table manufacturers and while many of the other brands now boast extremely similar folding systems, Cornilleau set the trend. Cornilleau also pioneered the development of an entirely new and revolutionary table folding concept ('COMPACT' Technology) which combines ergonomics and safety with design.
Commercial Director Michel Zany - "Sport is ever progressing. This is why we must continuously improve the performance of our products. With this goal in mind, Cornilleau have developed a new collection of table tennis tables to meet the very highest standards, offering you what you have a right to expect today: quality of play, comfort of use, safety, solidity and design. Cornilleau are convinced that their tables will be in high demand due to their undeniable superior technical features."

DSI Technology - Cornilleauís Safe Folding System


The DSI folding system allows you to automatically lock the table in complete safety even on uneven surfaces (lawn, sand, cobblestone, etc.) thanks to the four safety bolts, 8 locking points in the playing position and 8 locking points in the storage position. The DSI folding system makes Cornilleau tables easy to open and close by one person, thanks to the unlocking mechanism with its ergonomic handle.

Compact Technology


Cornilleauí s COMPACT TECHNOLOGY decreases the risk of the table tennis table tilting and eliminates the possibility of a child getting in between the panels when itís folded.

SkilTop Finish Table Tennis Top

Thanks to a quality treatment, we have created strong table tops, offering a high-quality surface, long-lasting as well as asthetic.

  • 1- High Density 3-layer Wooden chipboard
  • 2- Acrylic coating + sanding
  • 3- UV acrylic lacquer
  • 4- Polyurethane lacquer
  • 5- UV acrylic ink

Cornilleau tables with the SKILTOP are:

  • Cornilleau 540 Competition indoor table
  • Cornilleau 610 Competition indoor table
  • Cornilleau 640 Competition indoor table
  • Cornilleau 740 Competition indoor table
  • Cornilleau 850 Competition indoor table
The Mat Top finish gives you a better playing experience by reducing the glare from the sun or overhead lights. The full Mat Tops (models that have an M in the name) offer 10 times the anti-glare, while the Soft Mat Top (S models) give 3 times the anti-glare when compared to standard tops.
Cornilleau Tables with Soft Mat are:
Cornilleau Tables with Full Mat are:
Cornilleauís Tacteo Bat Technology
Three years of research and development in a collaboration with Michelin were essential to create this range of composite weatherproof bats.
The idea of an outdoor bat was revolutionary when Cornilleau first came up with it, but between Cornilleauís Table Tennis market knowledge and Michelinís in rubber, they created a bat that has since been re-created by several other brands.
Because of the unique design and materials used for the Tacteo bat range they can be left outside without deterioration and they are extremely durable. They are not only built to last but have a playing performance equal to the combination of sponge and rubber used in the traditional table tennis bats.
Theyíre absolutely perfect for use at home, especially if you have kids, because the one-piece rubber design stops people from peeling off the rubbers (this is what usually ruins traditional bats). For this reason, and the fact that theyíre also shock-resistant, theyíre perfect for use in schools and leisure centres.
Tacteo Bat Durability
The Tacteo bat range has been specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions. It has protection against high and low temperature with a bat surface that canít come unstuck, itís shock resistant and has resistance to UV rays, insuring a long lasting colour.
Michelin experts devised an ADS (Air Driver System) concept which is a dynamic surface technology with cavities. The shape of the cavities and the high elasticity of the elastomer has been specifically designed to trap air within the cavities as the table tennis ball makes contact with the bat. The air captured in the cavities is compressed and then expelled to propel the table tennis ball and increase speed.
Comfort and Grip
The Tacteo table tennis bat gives a unique sensation due to its incomparable comfort. Cornilleau and Michelin have really focused on the ergonomics of the handle which provides a perfect hold reinforced by the addition of a tactile rubberised material which enables a better grip.
Eco bat range
This brand new bat range from Cornilleau is the world's first eco-design of table tennis bats. After several years of research and development working in conjunction with Armor Lux and their bio-injection partner, Cornilleau has launched the first 'green' racket thatís made from recycled materials. The Softbat is ideal for use in schools and at home as a training bat. The bats playing surface creates some spin but not so much that it makes the game harder for beginners. The round, ergonomic handle suits both children and adults, and the weatherproof design makes it perfect for all environments.
These bats are weather resistant, shock resistant and have a non-detachable covering.
  • Ultra-durable
  • Shock resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Softskin elastomer blade
  • Non-detachable covering
  • Ideal for beginners and training
Cornilleau Green Soft Bat

The History of Cornilleau

The original business: carpentry and cabinet making
1946 : Emile Cornilleau set up a joinery workshop in an old agricultural building, situated at the side of the main road in Bonneuil les Eaux in the Oise region. The company undertook significant post-war reconstruction work in Breteuil and in the local villages.
1960 : Pierre Cornilleau (son of Emile) joined the family business after studying at the technical college in Beauvais. He was in charge of significant construction sites, which were often far away, and quickly demonstrated a capacity for procedure and organisation. Further to the building work, the company added high-volume industrial production to its business (bottle crates, specific pallets for the car industry, casing for the aviation industry, racks for drying tiles). The company developed each year and reached a total of 20 employees by the end of the 1960s.
A New Business is Born
1968 : A neighbouring company, Cotexunion, manufacturing garden frames and PVC cupboards, was approached by a large French trading group to supply table tennis tables. This company involved Cornilleau, who thoroughly researched this project. During this period, the building business was showing certain signs of slowing down and Pierre Cornilleau wished to develop towards an industrial business. Despite his advancing age, Emile Cornilleau placed his trust in the energy and ambition of his son and decided to join the venture. The company Cotexunion would supply the steel bases and Cornilleau would provide the surface, the conditioning and the marketing.
1969 : Cornilleau manufactured its first 300 table tennis tables and participated in the first sports trade show. Cornilleau rapidly gained new customers and began significant investment (50% of the turnover at the time), both in terms of industrial buildings and machinery for the treatment of the playing surface. Pierre and Emile Cornilleau understood very quickly that the success of this operation depended on the design of a specific industrial process allowing reduced costs and large volumes.
1970 : The small company became established as a public limited company. The original business stopped completely and was replaced by the table tennis table business.
1979 : Pierre Cornilleau undertook the general management of the company.
1969- 1980 : Cornilleau gained a significant place in the table tennis table market, offering excellent value for money products, competing with the market leader Donnay. Initially the company's main customers were the large hypermarket chains (80%), enabling it to produce very large quantities and to develop industrially. Gradually sports shops and mail order chains became interested in Cornilleau despite a lack of brand image. The continuous improvements in quality, the reduction in costs and a capacity to adapt to the needs of the market gave Cornilleau a major advantage.

Cornilleau: French market leader

1981 : A sponsorship contract was signed with the great French champion Jacques Secretin. A serious partnership was established and as a result of this a range of competition tables was launched. The Champion signed each table and the brand image of Cornilleau started to take off.
1985 : Cornilleau became the leader of the French market and decided to develop its brand within European markets. This decision forced the company to invest in essential equipment for automatic treatment of the playing surface. The general quality of products was increasingly reviewed in order to respond to the needs of the European markets.
5 Table models were approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).
The company participated in its first European trade show at ISPO (Munich) along with the main European competitors.
1988 : Cornilleau invented the concept of the outdoor table tennis table in solid laminate. Later the company began to use advanced technology by investing in a sophisticated panel machining. Table tennis became a competitive Olympic sport, during the Olympic games in Seoul, Korea.
Cornilleau: moving towards brand status
1992 : Cornilleau appointed a sales director, Michel Zany, whose assignment was to bring a sales and marketing edge to the company and to develop sales within the export markets.
1993 : A sponsorship contract was signed with Jean Philippe Gatien, Olympic Vice Champion in Barcelona, who became the World Champion two months later.
1995 : Cornilleau entered into a new strategic stage with the development of an entirely revolutionary table folding concept 'COMPACT Technology', combining ergonomics, safety and design. Thanks to this innovation, Cornilleau took on a new commercial status in the sports market. Boris Johnson Playing Table Tennis

A global range with major international ambition

1998 : The company appointed an export sales Manager with the goal of becoming the European market leader.
2000 : Cornilleau diversified and strengthened its recognised position by launching a complete range of bats, balls and accessories in association with the champion Jean Philippe Gatien. The aim of this product launch was to offer a global range of table tennis items and to increase brand visibility.
2002 : Cornilleau carried out the re-engineering of its range of tables achieving significant technical benefits particularly in terms of safety and produced a highly innovative design. A Cornilleau table was nominated for the Observeur design competition (PARIS). At the same time, Cornilleau carried out a complete re-launch of its visual identity through a new logo, new packaging and new communication media.
2003 : Cornilleau began an intensive marketing campaign through its participation in the European Championships in Italy as an official tables sponsor and through a brand promotional exhibition stand at the World Championships in Paris Bercy.
2004 : Cornilleau takes on the American market and participated in the international trade show 'The Supershow' in Orlando.
2005 : Cornilleau teamed up with Michelin to create the 'Tacteo', a revolutionary leisure bat made with a 100% polymer and elastomer base.
2006 : Consolidation of international expansion on the strength of its leading position in the European market, Cornilleau has continued its worldwide growth, intensifying its development in the United States, Russia and the Middle East.
2007 : At the highest level Cornilleau was the official sponsor of the World Team Cup in Germany, where the world's eight best teams clashed.
2010 : When Sport England wanted to host the Ping! London event, Cornilleau was the company they went to for high-quality and durable outdoor tables.


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