Butterfly S2000 Polymer Concrete/Steel Table Tennis Table

£4799.99 - £5299.99
Butterfly S2000 Polymer Concrete/Steel Table Tennis Table
£4799.99 - £5299.99
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Pro review

Value Rated 3.5
Strength Rated 3.5
Please note: Our bounce ratings are calculated by comparing outdoor tables with outdoor tables and indoor with indoor. For example, a 4 star bounce for an outdoor model is not the same as a 4 star bounce for an indoor table and vice versa. Please contact us by phone (01371 875000) or email ([email protected]) for further clarification or advice.
Rated 3.5
Weatherproofing Rated 4.5
Please note:
Our Star Ratings for concrete tables are based on direct comparisons with other concrete models & bear no relation to ratings given to 'normal' tables!

The Butterfly S2000 Concrete table tennis table has a 30mm thick steel cladded, reinforced polymer concrete playing surface. The galvanised steel base has four anchor points that allow you to secure it to the ground. It is supplied with a sturdy aluminium net which is 8mm thick. The standard model comes with squared corners but for a surcharge you can order it with rounded corners for improved safety.

Butterfly recommend their concrete table tennis tables for public play areas, schools and holiday parks.

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What the package includes & delivery information

Delivery is free and is usually 5 - 6 weeks. You will be called by our couriers to book a convenient delivery day. Please call 01371 875000 if you require more information.

5 year guarantee on table only

The net & post set is an integral part of the table. Some retailers claim they are giving this as a 'free of charge' extra, they even include it as part of the value of the free accessories!

Table information (dimensions, materials, etc.)

Table size: 275cm long x 153cm wide x 76cm high (9' long x 5 wide x 26 high)
Minimum play area: 5.1m long x 3.3m wide (17' long x 11' wide), guideline only
Weight: 310kg

  • Suitable outdoor use
  • 30mm steel cladded and reinforced polymer concrete playing surface
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Pitch markings moulded onto table
  • Can be fixed to the floor if necessary
  • White sturdy PVC edge protectors
  • Fixed 8mm aluminium net and post set with up to 5cm height adjustment
  • Frame: Galvanised steel frame
  • Available with square or round corners
  • Suitable for parks, schools, hotels, camp sites and gardens etc.
  • Assembly: Please allow 60 minutes for initial assembly

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