Butterfly National League 25 Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Butterfly National League 25 Indoor Table Tennis Table
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Pro review

Value Rated 3.5
Strength Rated 5
Bounce Rated 4.5
Folding Rated 3
The Butterfly National League 25 is a strong table that is ideal for schools and youth clubs. It boasts a 25mm playing surface which offers a good level of play. It's supplied with a high quality clamp-on net and post set. The National League 25 arrives 95% pre-assembled and stores away neatly. It has two separate halves that you unfold and place together, you then clip on the net and post set. To fold the table for storage you simply remove the net and post set, fold the two halves independently and then slot them together. Please note that whilst this offers a good level of play it is not ITTF approved (which some clubs require). If your club requires an ITTF table please give us a call and we'd be happy to advise.

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What the package includes & delivery information

Delivery is free and is usually within 7 working days. As soon as we have your order we will contact you to arrange your delivery. Please call 01371 875000 if you require more information.

3 year guarantee on all non-wearing parts (excl. wheels, net and posts, etc.)

The clip-on net & post set is supplied as part of the table package from Butterfly. Some retailers claim they are giving this as a 'free of charge' extra; they even include it as part of the total value of the free accessories!

Table information (dimensions, materials, etc.)

Table size: 275cm long x 153cm wide x 77cm high (9' long x 5 wide x 26 high)
Minimum play area: 5.1m long x 3.3m wide (17' long x 11' wide), guideline only
Storage size: 159cm high x 158cm wide x 75cm deep
Weight: 96kg
Packaged weight: 110kg

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